Our trip to India was a great success.  Thank you!!  As you may have guessed, this was the first time that we used a tour company to plan a trip and were not sure what to expect. Everything worked beautifully.  People were where you said they would be, when they were to be there.  We moved effortlessly through India. The hotels were delightful and their staffs very helpful. Transport was more than adequate and the drivers first class.  We felt very safe and comfortable. The guides were knowledgeable. The people who met us were very helpful and personable. We found about a Touch of Class Tours in an article in the Washington Post.  I plan to write to the Washington Post and tell them of our good experience.Thank you for having made our trip down memory lane such a nice one.
Kathy & James Mueller, MD

Our trip was fabulous. Everything that you arranged for us worked perfect. Before going to India I considered myself an experienced world traveler. I am so glad that we used your services, as otherwise, our trip to India would never have been the wonderful experience that it turned out to be. Everyday I appreciated that you prearranged everything for us. Our guides, hotels, and driver were all professional with the highest service levels. The only hotel experience that we did not enjoy was the Shiv Niwas, and the hotel was my choice. Thank you for your help and expertise arranging one of the most memorable trips of my life. I will recommend you to agents and anyone who may be considering India. Everyone asks me how I liked my trip. I say it was not a vacation, but an experience of a lifetime.
Marikay Ohayon, Account Executive, Singapore Airlines, CA

“Vietnam is certainly a land of enchantment. Not only did we enjoy superb stays in first class and historically grand Hotels, exquisite meals and fascinating sightseeing. What I really appreciated most were all the variation in experience… learning a vibrant culture, language and people in such a delicate time.
Masha Nordbye, CA, Travel Writer & Director TV Show “Secrets” of Travel Channel Mystical Indochina Tour October 2001

“As I stepped off the plane in New Delhi that first night, I had no idea what to expect. One hears so many tales of India, that it's hard to know exactly who or what to believe. Some people had prepared me for a life changing, spiritual journey, while others warned of the water and overwhelming population. But after spending 10 days in one of the world's most fascinating countries, the only thing I really know about India, is that it is an adventure everyone should be able to experience first hand. As a television producer, I always try to remember that my trip is not for my pleasure, but business. It is my job to compress a location into a 30-minute visual story that will strike a cord with the viewer at home! I had no idea how difficult the tasks before me would be. How could I ever hope to capture the essence of India in 10 days? My challenge was great and thankfully, achievable with the help of Touch of Class Tours. From our initial meetings in Los Angeles to the last dinner before our flight home, everything was arranged for us with efficiency and grace. I never needed to worry about a plane ticket, handling baggage or even a meal. Everything was taken care of, truly with A Touch of Class . Our contacts in India were warm, friendly and charming, always ready with an answer to a question, the solution to a problem or a laugh on the way back to the hotel! Their guidance was not only helpful but crucial to the success of the trip! Words cannot properly express my thanks. On many levels, India was more than I could have ever imagined. I fell in love with her people, her architecture and her heritage! The Taj Mahal was more beautiful, the desert was more peaceful and the message of the people was more powerful than I expected. I now know that it would take a lifetime to explore the wonders of India. Thank you for opening the doors!”
Kristin, Producer, Travel Café NBC TV

I just got word from Harold and Marion. They are now cruising back to the US from Istanbul. They had such a wonderful time in Istanbul that they both hated to leave Istanbul. Your guide and driver were superb and did such a wonderful job that my clients loved them!!! They loved the Intercontinental hotel also. Thank you very much for doing such a great job again for my clients.
See Kean, R & R Travel, CA

“Each day our group members would say ‘this is the highlights of the trip' and then say the same thing the next day about the next location in the itinerary. The members were very happy with their experiences (One couple has traveled appox. 72 countries, another over 50 countries). They considered this trip to be one of their very best. The people we encountered in the different countries were very friendly with absolutely no feeling of tension or discomfort. When learning that we were from the United States, friendly questions were forthcoming with sincere interest in learning more about the States. Thanks again for a delightful trip and a true learning experience.”
Jose J. Goncalves, Group Leader, CO Indochina Tour October 2001

Now that we are sufficiently recovered from our trip to India and Hong Kong and somewhat back to normal, we would like to share our feelings with you. In summary, It was marvelous and exciting. What made this trip an absolutely wonderful experience, aside from everything being luxurious, was your attention to every detail in our itinerary. Your representatives, especially Mr. Yasir Baig in Delhi, were very friendly and outgoing and took care of every our need and contingency. Mr. Baig even made our overnight train journey to Bandhavgarh comfortable and pleasant. In addition, the individual local guides were all superb. The Palace on Wheels portion of our trip was especially enjoyable, as was the Taj Mahal and the jungle camp safari. However, the most engaging and interesting portion was the witnessing of the sunset and sunrise rituals at the River Ganges in Varanasi. While it is not possible to go into more detail, suffice to say that everything was truly,

"A Touch of Class". Thanks for your help and cooperation for the last two years in planning this trip, and for putting up with our craziness in getting to the final arrangements. If you would be willing to put up with me, I would be more than happy to contact you for future travels. We are two happy and satisfied travelers.
Ruth and Bob Siegel November 2002

“I take this opportunity to congratulate you and your company for putting together an excellent tour to India during the month of May 2000. The participants, without any exception, were very happy with all the arrangements you had made through your wide network of offices in India. As you know, I had worked on putting this tour together for a very long time. I must say that this tour would not have materialized without the diligent and extraordinarily wonderful work your Manager for Special Interest Tours, Ms. Debika Sen, had put in. Ms. Sen has to be commended for the patience and tact she has shown in sticking with the game plan of providing an excellent tour experience, even though she was surmounted with endless uncertainties from our end. I really appreciate the effort and I thank her for her commitment. Without any doubt A Touch of Class Tours will be my only choice for any future tours that I may organize and I have recommended you to many of my colleagues without any reservations. I look forward to working with you in the future. Once again, thank you very much “a touch above the rest”.
Goutham Menon, Ph.D, University of South Carolina, SC

It was a wonderful trip in so many ways. Your organizational skills are outstanding, plus the people we met were most gracious. I'm looking forward to meeting some of them again next year, especially Lalit.
Michael Stowe, Ph.D., ACSW, Associate Professor and Chair Person, Slippery Rock University, PA

“We would like to congratulate you for arranging the perfect trip to India. We left on this trip not knowing what to expect and had our hearts set on seeing tigers. What a pleasant surprise it was to discover India's unspoken beauties. Each day was an adventure in colors and contrasts that delighted us. And yes, we did see TIGERS! Our itinerary was complete and the guides, drivers and accommodation flawless. In addition to the expertise of a well trained staff, we had prompt and thorough attention to all our needs. The accommodations were very satisfactory and no one should miss the Rajvilas Hotel at Jaipur. We like to take trips in which we simply sit back and enjoy. The expertise of your organization allowed us to do this. We never had a worry or care about connecting flights, drivers or where or when to go somewhere. Well done! We also appreciate your time in helping us tailor the trip to our needs. You were quick to assess the type of trip we desired and made the perfect recommendations. Your kindness and follow-up calls are appreciated. We will definitely look into further travel with your well-tuned organizations. Thank you for the trip of a lifetime.”
Laurie & Andy Wright, W I

I loved and hated India. Visiting India is an intense experience. I think I have begun to understand about the embeddedness of the caste social structure. Many monuments were awesome for the richness of the artwork… the beauty of the artistry was riveting. Our guide Lalit was wonderful, knowledgeable and was not too defensive when asked questions. He was eager to tell us about his India and its history. I viewed Mark as our guide too and he was open and I think he was honest about India and the great disparity between rich and poor.
Mary Beth Faimon, Southwest Minnesota State University, Marshall

“My wife and I have recently returned from our wonderful Egyptian trip that you had arranged for us. We appreciated the highly individualized tour you planned to meet our specific needs. Having done extensive research on my own, I submitted an itinerary to you that included an Egyptologist to accompany us throughout our trip. In addition to the general interest sites, I suggested some areas to visit that are not frequently accessed by tourists. You were able to meet all of our needs and the quality of care that we received was extremely high. We felt that A Touch of Class Tours provided extraordinary level of individualized attention. The hotels were excellent and the travel connections you made were superb. We appreciate your understanding for our need for flexibility when traveling. Egypt is a fascinating country with a unique culture and an amazing history. Yet there are aspects of travel that are potentially difficult. You were able to insulate us from some of the frustrations and provide us with quality care. Our demands of the Egyptologist were very high in terms of his knowledge, communication skills and general compatibility. Our Nile cruise on the Sonesta Cruise Ship was fabulous. We especially appreciated the very thorough itinerary booklet you presented to us before our trip. We thank you and A Touch of Class Tours for enabling us to have such a great Egyptian experience.”
Arnold Becker, CA

“Touch of Class Travel and Debika Sen in particular, organized a flawless production tour of Film City India for the program “Travel Channel's Secrets.” The program airs domestically on the Travel Channel and is distributed internationally through Fox Television. Debika arranged the tour and produced the story on ground for our director. She secured air travel, accommodations, interviews and assisted our director in all matters relating to our productions. Every detail promised was delivered and we were pleased with the final show.”
Scott Martin, Executive Producer, Van Ness Films

“I know you spoke to Larry Silbiger and he relayed our praise of the “Exotic India & Nepal” tour. We had a wheelchair at every airport and hotel on arrival and departure. We found the people of India and Nepal to be very kind and offering their assistance at all times, including personnel in the various hotel restaurants. There was so much to learn; and the scenery was grand. All in all, we had a wonderful trip. Thank you all for your thorough preparation. Please put us in your mailing list for trips that offer individualized tours.”
Dorothy Sands, FL

“Since we have been back from our trip to Egypt for a month now and have begun to digest our experiences. I wanted to write to you about our impressions. After all your hard work to put together a unique and personalized experience for the four of us I was sure you would want a report on your success. From our very first meeting with Yasser at our late arrival in Cairo we felt “taken care of”. Every day times and schedules were arranged and explained and then followed as closely as possible. Every change that we instigated and we did make many, was greeted with good will and an immediate effort to make it happen. We know that this was not always easy since all changes have to be registered with the tourist Authority in Egypt. They are counting their tourists very carefully. We saw as many of the fascinating antiquities as we could find time for and nearly wore out Ferris; the excellent guide you found us. We certainly had a memorable trip and we really appreciated that it was through your good efforts that we were put in good hands of such capable people. Since we are all experienced travelers and since several of us had a fair knowledge of Egyptian history I know that arranging the trip for us was not a casual matter and you really did a superb job. I think that I most admire your endless cheerful patience as we approved or disapproved plans, added and subtracted events and generally made every effort to accommodate all our interests and demands. Thank you again for a most pleasant journey. We all hopefully look forward to arranging some future trip with you.”
Judith A Freed, CA

“I want to thank you for organizing a marvelous tour to Cairo for my family this past summer. We received excellent service from you in making all our arrangements. I felt very confident that all would go smoothly and it did, from the moment we flew into Cairo and were met by a tour coordinator and taken to our hotel to when we were returned to the airport and helped through customs and passport control. We never had to worry about anything. All our needs were anticipated. We had an excellent 3-day itinerary. We stayed at the Mena House, which provided excellent services. It was a lovely hotel and one that I would highly recommend to an American visiting Egypt. We had a very competent, knowledgeable tour guide and a polite, courteous driver. We were 5 in our tour group and we all were very, very pleased with the entire tour. It was very affordable, conditions were good, we saw and did a great deal and the price was more than reasonable, in fact very affordable. I would highly recommend your agency to anyone and I have already done so. I most certainly would recommend the tour and accommodations we had at Cairo to anyone planning a trip to Egypt. I had done some research prior to contacting your agency and know that you provided the most for the best price. Thank you again for your services and I hope to work with you again in the future.”
Janis Shein, CA

“Hello to all - We are all back from Indochina safe and sound. We had a ball sightseeing, shopping and just seeing new places and things. The hotels were lovely and the S.E. Asians were a delight. We all like the smaller towns (Luang Phrabang, Siem Reap, Vientiane) more than the big cities of Saigon and Hanoi but the big cities were fun in different ways. Angkor Wat wins the highlight, but many things tied for second, boating the Mekong, shopping at Luang Phrabang's ethnic handicraft market, the morning market at Vientaine. Thanks for all your help.”
Scott, Mona, Josh and Travis Hopkins, OR

Determined to travel to Malaysia, I contacted A Touch of Class Tours (ATOC) in California and had them book a Business class seat. Even though the entire United States separates their office from mine, the staff should win an Oscar for being warm hearted, considerate and accommodating. With only a few glitches (solved by ATOC) the flights on Malaysian Airlines brought back memories of what flying `used to be'. The cabin-crew provided great service and you would not want to spend 18 hours flying time with a nicer group of people.
Elinor Garley, NY

“You know we booked this fall trip before September 11 and you remember how SueAnn was concerned about travel after that terrible day - but after you explained to her just how safe it would be, she was able to relax and enjoy the flight. We felt nothing less than safe the whole trip, from the travel to the stay. A Touch of Class Tours made our trip a success, and we will soon be in touch again for our next outing to Africa, thanks for a great trip, great service and all you did to give us a memory that will last forever!”
Bill Weiner, Executive Producer, CA, Mystical Indochina Tour October 2001

“We had already planned our trip - “Multicultural Malaysia” - and ready to go when disaster struck September 11. Well, what should we do? Cancel our trip, or go ahead. Would we be in any danger? We decided to go ahead as planned and we were glad we did. We had a wonderful trip. Here we were – me a blond fair skinned Christian and a Jewish women sticking out like soar thumb – but we were never at any time or any place exposed to any danger, or harassment. The Malaysian were wonderful, friendly people always helpful and accommodating. When we visited Masjid Negara (The National Mosque) we were told they were very pleased and showed interest in educating us on their religion. At all times we felt very secure. The security checking at airports were a little nuisance we were glad to submit to knowing it was there for our safety and we had no problems at all. The trip to Malaysia we will recommend at any time.”
Erik Jensen and Jane Duryea, AZ

“Thank you so very much for all of your efforts on our behalf! You said you would get us an even better trip then the original one, I presented to you for less money and you did exactly that. You are indeed a man of your word. Again we thank you and thanks also to your staff.”
Rose & Paul Klyder, CA

“You have been extremely gracious and accommodating through the course of our conversations regarding the Glore family & Mr. Young. Thank you so very much for all the attention to the details. I look forward to working with you again.”
Thea, Sheridan Travel Service, CO

“I really hope to go on another trip with Touch of Class Tours, you were especially helpful with all of the last minute things! I really appreciate your flexibility with the trip! I was a little nervous about the trip because our group leader was not able to go at the last minute. However, you calmed my nerves by assuring me that a competent guide would meet us in New Delhi. Alok Tiwari could not have been a better guide. He was very professional, knowledgeable, flexible and patient. I especially loved the Park Hotel in New Delhi and the Trident Hotel at Udaipur. The city tours and social work excursions were spaced out perfectly. I never felt rushed on the trip. Some of the highlights of the trip were the comfortable, surprising elephant ride at Jaipur, an evening rickshaw ride through old Varanasi (absolutely incredible!) an evening boat ride on the Ganges during a Hindu ceremony, beautiful temple visits, the boat ride on Lake Pichola (we saw a tree lined with storks, crows, bats and a giant brown owl!), a hilarious Hindi film in Bombay and a carpet factory tour. The social work excursions were very informative and interesting. I especially enjoyed learning about the Mother Teresa orphanage in Agra, WIT in Bombay, the after school program in a New Delhi slum and ASTHA in Rajasthan. It was truly an enjoyable trip and it was difficult to get on the plane to New York!”
Jill, University of South Carolina

“We are writing this letter to express our thanks and appreciation for your excellent trip arrangement for us to India. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and we did not encounter a single problem throughout our journey. All arrangements were delivered as promised, all tour guides were professional, ethical and well informed, all drivers were skillful in handling roads and traffic and our guide Ajay Sood was so friendly and easy going, yet well informed, competent and knowledgeable. There was never any delay in any of the arrangements from airplanes to trains to chauffeur driven cars to getting picked up from the hotels for tours or trips. The safaris were delightful and the experience was beyond our expectation. As you know we saw about eight tigers total and at such close range that I barely used all the power of my zoom lenses. Well….You just have to arrange all of our future trips to India and other countries in Asia. It is very clear to us that not only your agency is highly professional and truly Touch of Class, but you know all the details of your trips first hand. We have already recommended you to our friends. Thanks again.”
Mehrdad Jalali, MD and Behnaz Jalali, MD, CA

“What a wonderful month this has been! We have thoroughly enjoyed our visit to India. A sincere thanks goes to you for your assistance. The arrangements you have made on our behalf have been very good. I especially appreciate your personal attention to our group. We have had an absolutely terrific experience in India. The students have learnt a great deal and we have a real appreciation for this country. We have experienced so much in the past 3 weeks and we have come to love India! Thank you for sharing your country with us. Thank you for your professional and quality service.”
Lauren Snow, UT

“Thanks for the most wonderful experience of a lifetime. It was the best way a single woman can travel, or anyone for that matter. I loved the educational tours of the mosques, temples, caves, rivers etc. The whole trip was enlightening. The representatives and tour guides gave the group a feeling of unity and security. The magnificent five star hotels with excellent dining and facilities were very enjoyable. A trip like this feels like a once in a lifetime experience, which makes you want to do it again.”
Renee Baggett, SC

“I would like you to know that I commend Debika. Debika took my very small travel request and made changes and came up with a true Touch of Class adventure. It seems in this computer world we have forgotten the concern and personal touch. I was referred to you by the Embassy. I thought the gentleman was just trying to get rid of me. But I know now he knew your capabilities. I will not hesitate to come to you in the future. Thanks again.”
Lauren McFarlan, CA

“My mother and I are having an incredible time in India. Our guides have been informative and the sights amazing. We truly loved the hotels in Delhi and Jaipur. Thanks for everything.”
Erin and Lori Hartigan, CA

Mark & Debika, Absolutely great trip through India and other "ports" Guides, food, hotels, transfers, places were superb. Hopefully I will go to India through your travel service again.
Dr. Dan Edwards, University of Utah

“Thanks again for doing such a great job organizing and hosting our press trip to India. I really enjoyed meeting with you and had a wonderful time.”
Lauren Peden, Elle Magazine, NY

“The hotels were very clean, excellent atmosphere, they were beyond our expectations. The transportation was efficient and on time. The guides were knowledgeable and helpful. Keep going. I enjoyed very much this tour arrangement.”
Hamid and Farzaneh Nikoukari, CA

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed meeting and traveling with you in India. I know we can do great things together.”
Dannielle, Free Lance Photographer and Writer, NY

“We would like to be back again to India. Everything was great, we were very happy. Thank you..”
Luis Gras, Mexico

“Everything was so great; I cannot express our thanks enough!”
Christopher Patch, UT

Thanks again for such a wonderful trip - I can't wait to visit India again!
Megan Kafer, University of Texas, Austin

I would be happy to recommend your company as mostly everybody was very good, the representatives looked after us , all transport went smoothly and we could always communicate . Our driver was truly exceptional.
Matthew Donegan, CA

Everything was very well planned, we had to face no changes, the representatives were very hard working and always attentive to our needs. We were treated as Royalty. The drivers were excellent always at hand when needed and the guides were knowledgeable and interesting.
Harold Brown, NY

We have been very pleased with our trip to India. The representatives and the guides were extremely helpful and could do anything to make our trip a pleasant and exciting one. The choice of Taj & Oberoi hotels was a great combination and your staff made the trip an unforgettable one
William Macarthur, TX

Mark, I am sure you have heard from Jim & Kathy Mueller about our trip to India, but I thought it would be good if I gave you some of my comments as well.  First, of all, THANK YOU for all you did to make our trip absolutely wonderful.  You can be sure I will recommend your company, because:

  • Every service, hotel and means of transportation went exactly as you presented them.  (Notwithstanding the late train in Bharatpur, but that is surely not your fault!)  Our driver from Delhi, Agra, Sawai Madhopur and Jaipur was particularly wonderful.
  • Every guide met us at the airport, train station, etc. and made sure we were safely taken to our hotel.
  • The guides were knowledgeable and helpful. I especially liked the Delhi guide.
  • The hotels were very nice.  The Avalon Court in Delhi was lovely, although a fair distance from center city.  The Jaypee Palace in Agra was gorgeous, the Tiger Den Resort was almost magical and I hated to leave there, the Shahpura House in Jaipur was very pretty, the Mayfair Hill Resort in Darjeeling was perfect, the Swosti Hotel in Bhubaneshwar was fine and the Emerald in Mumbai was fine. 

We had a fantastic trip and I know Joe and I agree that a lot of that is because you put the arrangements together and, with your office in India, made our moving around the country quite painless.  Thank you so much!
Joseph & Margaret Cronyon, MD

OK, so India really is incredible – especially when you make our plans.Highlights: The Camel Camp experience was incredible!!  We loved every single moment of our time there – the safari was fabulous, and even included a private picnic lunch served to us in a shelter at a water hole with hundreds of sheep, goats, cows, water buffalo and birds to entertain us.  The children keeping the herds were adorable!The elephant farm was unforgettable – really up close and personal with elephants – better than we could have possibly dreamt about.The houseboat ride on the Backwaters was relaxing and spectacular in every way.  We also stopped to see the school where the youngsters train for Kathakali.  I loved watching the children dance and play their instruments, and the art students were so unique in their skills.Of course the Amber Fort was great and the elephant ride up to it was great fun.Fort Cochin itself was an excellent experience with the members of the Jewish community both in Cochin and in Ernakulum.  We saw the synagogues and spent time with members of the community in their homes – we learned a great deal from them.  Once again we enjoyed the Navratri festival while in Mumbai – this time we visited a Bengali site and also enjoyed stick dancing.

What more can I tell you?  We loved it all. Thank you so much for everything!!
esa and Stan Davids, CA

Just a note to say that we had a splendid time all around. Mark, the Bollywood segment worked out beautifully; we spent hours @ a location shoot, ate w/the crew, met the director. I t was grand. Thank you! Both the Palace and the Deccan are superb and well worth the money; they are so very different that it is totally worthwhile to do the trips back to back, as we did. The Taj was a highlight; but then, so were the small villages we visited, and the amazing receptions we got, complete with live music, garlands, greeters in beautiful sarees, etc, in the various cities and towns. And on both trains, we met a lively and interesting group of people.
Vicki Leon and Stan T hompson

The trip was great! I think my favorite portion of the trip was the first part.  Delhi, especially exploring Old Delhi, was fantastic.  Then, going from the chaos of that packed city, to the isolation of Jaisalmer and then even more remote desert with the camel safari, was pretty fantastic. The best meal of the trip was had in a restaurant called “On the Rocks” in Jodhpur.  Amazing food!  And so cheap, I almost felt guilty. When we got into Ranthambore, we were desperately in need of the exact type of hotel we found ourselves in.  It was certainly one of the best hotels I've stayed in anywhere in the world. Not only the beauty of the property, but the friendliness of the staff.  The owner of the property was on hand a lot, even bringing us some before dinner drinks in the library one night.  I could have easily stayed in that place for a week!  The "tent" rooms were stunning! I t was more than worth the trip to Agra to see Taj.  Also, just the region of the country Agra was in, is very beautiful.  And I especially liked the drive from Agra to Delhi the next day. Being out on the roads in India is one of the most fun things!  The craziness going on out there is truly astonishing. It's an endlessly fascinating country and the more we got out in it, the better it was (however, when it comes to the trains, private compartment is definitely the way to go.) We got to see rich and poor.  We went from cities to deserts to jungles to mountains to lake resorts. Anyway, for the price, that was definitely the best value of the trip.
Herbert Ratner

I have spoken with the Mc Connell's to find out how they liked the trip and they are still in a spell with what they experienced. Thank you so much for making it a success.  They loved the beautiful hotels that they sta ye d at, the good food, transportation and the excellent guides. They were treated royally. The sightseeing was excellent and very informative and they loved seeing the countryside and the sights of India.  It was all a great trip. Thank you.
Jose Goncalves

Our guide said that a saying in your business is that “there is life before you see the Taj and life afterwards,” and there is more than a little truth in that.  What a spectacular creation of human beings!  It's an overwhelming spiritual and visual event from the moment you step through the gate.  But it might be even more accurate to say “there is life before your first trip to India [provided of course that you use the services of ATOC] and life after!” 
Richard “Dick” Roberts

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